Esther Nash
"Absolutely! To be a professional fashion designer, formal training is a must."

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Ron Star

Bronx, New York

Briefly explain how you/you'll begin?
I began singing at age 7 In School, The Church, and Local Talent Shows. My Aunt & My Sister would sing around me all the time so I would try to sing the way they would but in private and after a while my mom started to allow me to go to the studio and I would be writing all of my own music and from there its just been a growing process and I’m 19 now, so it's really been a while now!

What types of influences did you have?
Well Brandy is my all time favorite singer, She does it for me so when I’m listening to her I listen for harmonies and layering of vocals , And I'm also a songwriter so when it comes to writing I look to writers such as James Fauntleroy , Tricky Stewart, Diane Warren and the list goes on. I love Pop Music & Even Country music! Country music really tells a story and it puts you in the situation of the artist, so I would really say I’m inspired by all forms of music and everyday events.

What's Next? What can we expect from you/you'll in the future?
A single is being chosen right now and I’m constantly recording so stay tuned for more music, new pictures and you'll soon get to hear my writing on others artist. Also you guys should really look out for my team Tracchild Starz and you can check them out at, Also in have a YouTube page where you guys can get to know me a little better at . Just really stay tuned and take the ride with me I promise I won’t disappoint you guys!

PS: Check out my newest song on My Myspace "Thoughts of my ex" Feat Neako Bailey


The City Never Sleeps


Photographer: Neef Fresh Photography (
Written By: Ashley Jagmohan
Model: Jessica Rich Aka Rabbit From "Vh1's Real Chance of Love"
Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini

Demi- The Triple Threat


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Written By: Danielle Miller
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