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April Cover | Vinsane

"The Next Great MC"

Take one cool dude, mix that with a real personality and a passion for getting things hype, and you have a man named Vinsane. Question: Who is Vinsane? Answer: the next great MC. The best part of this story is that he is right in our backyard. He started in Long Islands own Kings Park .The first element of this equation is the love of music. Without love you have no purpose but when you put that love first everything else just seems to fall into place. Vinsane always loved music but he didn’t start his journey intentionally .He attended Suffolk community college and played baseball for them as well. While playing baseball he made a friend who was already a DJ. He started making a name for himself as being a hype man and quickly became one of the sickest around. The best part about being real at what you do is that you don't have to tell anyone because it speaks for its self. Vinsane is a real cool dude with a approachable style that made it easy to see why he was loved so fast. I had the opportunity to sit down with Vinsane and talk about where he will be in the next 5 years and I must say I want to be along for the ride.

So did you grow up on long island?
Yea Kings Park but I lived it Brooklyn first and moved when I was 2.

So what was your muse for music?
It was definitely my parents; they always kept up with the music that was hot at the time.

So how did they react when you told them that being a MC was something you were serious about?
My parents always supported me ….you knows my mom brags about me now…

So how did this all begin?
Well I graduated from high school and went to Suffolk Community College… I played baseball and had a friend who was a DJ

So was being a DJ something you thought about doing?
I started doing parties at stony brook and local bars and parties.

So how did your name start getting up?
Promoters started hearing about me and I made a lot of friends.

How old were you?
I was19 and I started doing venues for myself.

Who would you say are some of your greatest influences?
DJ Kool, Fat Man Scoop, and DJ AM

What kind of music do you like?
I like all kind of music but mostly hip hop

Do you work outside of being an MC?
I work at "Rockabilly" in East North Port, as a barber...But before I worked there I worked in "Ace of Fades" in Bay Shore NY. Both shops play different but great music so I am surrounded by it all day.

So personal, are you single?
No, I'm not

What's your favorite club that you have worked for?
I would say Whitehouse…Vie got to do a lot of great work there

What can we look forward from you in the future?
I actually hosted an event with Mims in the Hamptons, March 28, 2009. Another project is I’m going to start producing Mixtapes. Also look out for my upcoming events, I’m hosting an event @ Stony Brook University: May 09, 2009, and The First Annual Life Fest @ Oneonta State College April 18, 2009. And look out for me on the MTV show called “Silent Library” airing in June.

So what can we look for as far as music goes from you?

I am actually having a mix tape coming out soon called Radio Ruckus vol. 1

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well I wouldn’t mind being on MTV or something like that.
I know I want to be on top and that I am going to keep going.

Photographer: Melanie Washeim
Written by: Danielle Miller

ONEWAY2 w/ Ja Rule & Gwop Boys

ONEWAY2 caught up with Ja Rule
Behind the scenes of his New Group
The Gwop Boys "Yung Niggaz" Music Video

Shape-Up The Fashion World

This spring kicks in with fun, fashion commendable and mouthwatering pieces that will change the fashion scene. The most favoring Patterns are created BOLD & bright, asymmetric & geometric. With these patterns and colors, you will surely stand out and make a statement. Dare to be different? Choose a pattern that fits your style and be creative. Of course taking chances doesn't mean looking like a clown!!!...No Pun Intended! It’s all about originality and looking stylish for the season. So shape up your wardrobe and put it into high gear, 'cause it’s about that time!!!

Fashion Director
Tamara Albertini

Written By
Ashley Jagmohan

Neef Fresh Photography


By Neef

Dice Suicide
From The Suicide Girls
makeup by: Denise Rowe

Amanda Martinez
makeup by: Denise Rowe

"Wild & Out girl" from Season 2 of Wild n Out
makeup by: Neef

makeup by: Neef

Night Watch

Hey Ever think of borrowing you Grandmothers hat for a finishing touch on your outfit? Well its time to hit your grandmothers closet for some accessories!!! Dont think its cheesy! If you have a unique style then you wont be embarrass wearing Grandma Martha's old school hat from WWII days!
To add contemporary accessories to your pretentious vintage outfit, throw on an Albertini Addiction Gold Piano Necklace or The Carol Post earrings from the Modern Vintage Collection as seen above.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

Melanie Washeim
Stylist & All Jewelry
Albertini Addiction
Ashley Jagmohan & Candaice Hunter

Andrea Benham

Hillsborough, NJ

Briefly explain how you/you’ll begin?
I started singing and dancing at the age of 3 and songwriting when I was 7. I interned at Billboard Magazine while in college. My first single, Reincarnation was singed to Miswax records in 2007.

What types of influences did you have?
I am influenced by all types of people and all types of music.

What’s Next? What can we expect from you/you’ll in the future?
Lots of writing and more of pop/rock/dance. A lot of traveling and gigs!!

Overcome.mp3 - Andrea Benham

Ron Star

Bronx, New York

Briefly explain how you/you'll begin?
I began singing at age 7 In School, The Church, and Local Talent Shows. My Aunt & My Sister would sing around me all the time so I would try to sing the way they would but in private and after a while my mom started to allow me to go to the studio and I would be writing all of my own music and from there its just been a growing process and I’m 19 now, so it's really been a while now!

What types of influences did you have?
Well Brandy is my all time favorite singer, She does it for me so when I’m listening to her I listen for harmonies and layering of vocals , And I'm also a songwriter so when it comes to writing I look to writers such as James Fauntleroy , Tricky Stewart, Diane Warren and the list goes on. I love Pop Music & Even Country music! Country music really tells a story and it puts you in the situation of the artist, so I would really say I’m inspired by all forms of music and everyday events.

What's Next? What can we expect from you/you'll in the future?
A single is being chosen right now and I’m constantly recording so stay tuned for more music, new pictures and you'll soon get to hear my writing on others artist. Also you guys should really look out for my team Tracchild Starz and you can check them out at, Also in have a YouTube page where you guys can get to know me a little better at . Just really stay tuned and take the ride with me I promise I won’t disappoint you guys!

PS: Check out my newest song on My Myspace "Thoughts of my ex" Feat Neako Bailey

Fashion| Vintage Fab

Ever notice that all fashion comes and goes in a continous circle. whats in today may be out tommorrow but, it will come back in season a few years down the road. If you were to look at pics of what was hot back in our parents' or even grandparents' days, alot may look familiar. Spandex tights have come back into style as well as the new wave of the emu and retro punk style. Same fashion different generation. If you are of liberty to go through your parents closet of old stuff that they havent worn in years you may find some great gems if you look hard enough. You may rear finds of things that cannot be purchased today and be the envy of all your friends. So stay fly and keep this in mind when you are planning on giving away that old outfit to charity or to your siblings, you may just be giving away next years' "IT" item.

Photographer: Nahesha Chin ( EnGCee photography)
Model: Crystal foster
Stylist: Sam Davis

March Cover| I.Z.

Isaiah Dunmore "I.Z."
Mastic, NY

What’s makes you different from the rest…
I am an Up and Coming R&B artist that isn't afraid to express myself through music.... I feel like I'm different because I'm willing to take my music anywhere, I'm not confined to one style of music. I think I'm different from a lot of artist because I understand that its about longevity and being able to stay relevant.....that's what makes me

Where are you from…
I'm from long Island, NY
And imma rep it cause a lot of artist that come from L.I. Don't!!! So I feel like its my responsibility too..

How did it all begin…
For me it all began with a strong passion for music and wanting to be what my father never had the chance to finish becoming... My father was a singer, also and his life was cut short only two years after I was born so I'm fulfilling his dream and mine... Michael Jackson also had a great impact too tho(lol)! When I first saw him perform, I was like yeah this is what I'm supposed to be doing… "The way he moved people with his music was crazy and I wanted to reach people like that".

What were your influences…
My father was my biggest influence (R.I.P.) but other then him.... Stevie Wonder, David Ruffin, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Al Green, R-Kelly, and Babyface… Those are just some of many influences!

What’s next for you…
Well right now I'm in the studio all the time making good music for all my followers and doing shows… After I'm 100% satisfied with my album, I'll be dropping that and shopping my music around to labels... also I would love to start writing songs for more artist and just become more creative!

Photographer: Melanie Washeim

The City Never Sleeps


Photographer: Neef Fresh Photography (
Written By: Ashley Jagmohan
Model: Jessica Rich Aka Rabbit From "Vh1's Real Chance of Love"
Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini

Demi- The Triple Threat


Check out Demi online...
Written By: Danielle Miller
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