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"Absolutely! To be a professional fashion designer, formal training is a must."

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ONEWAY2 is a new online resource for music + fashion + culture in the unseen market with features, reviews, and interviews.

Launched February 2009, and updated weekly, ONEWAY2 Magazine’s mission is to CELEBRT`IZE THE UNSEEN by offering editorial exposure and helpful resources through our magazine to the unseen market and give our readers an entertaining way of staying current on what’s going on in the music, fashion, and culture world in the unseen market.

We believe OUR WORLD, OUR MARKET, which simple means that our unseen market is a market within itself! WE SUPPORT, WE BUILD, WE CREATE THE UNSEEN MARKET!

Founder & Editor-in-Chief | Mitch Miller [MITCHSMITH]


By creating a network of aspiring professional talents, MITCHSMITH becomes a resource of Talented Unseen Individuals. We link these Talents who share the same passions, interest, and professionalism together to create professional product that becomes featured in ONEWAY2, by giving the Talents involved Editorial Exposure it helps build and advance their careers, images, or brands to higher levels! / Long Island, New York

The City Never Sleeps


Photographer: Neef Fresh Photography (
Written By: Ashley Jagmohan
Model: Jessica Rich Aka Rabbit From "Vh1's Real Chance of Love"
Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini

Demi- The Triple Threat


Check out Demi online...
Written By: Danielle Miller
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