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March Cover| I.Z.

Isaiah Dunmore "I.Z."
Mastic, NY

What’s makes you different from the rest…
I am an Up and Coming R&B artist that isn't afraid to express myself through music.... I feel like I'm different because I'm willing to take my music anywhere, I'm not confined to one style of music. I think I'm different from a lot of artist because I understand that its about longevity and being able to stay relevant.....that's what makes me

Where are you from…
I'm from long Island, NY
And imma rep it cause a lot of artist that come from L.I. Don't!!! So I feel like its my responsibility too..

How did it all begin…
For me it all began with a strong passion for music and wanting to be what my father never had the chance to finish becoming... My father was a singer, also and his life was cut short only two years after I was born so I'm fulfilling his dream and mine... Michael Jackson also had a great impact too tho(lol)! When I first saw him perform, I was like yeah this is what I'm supposed to be doing… "The way he moved people with his music was crazy and I wanted to reach people like that".

What were your influences…
My father was my biggest influence (R.I.P.) but other then him.... Stevie Wonder, David Ruffin, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Al Green, R-Kelly, and Babyface… Those are just some of many influences!

What’s next for you…
Well right now I'm in the studio all the time making good music for all my followers and doing shows… After I'm 100% satisfied with my album, I'll be dropping that and shopping my music around to labels... also I would love to start writing songs for more artist and just become more creative!

Photographer: Melanie Washeim


Anonymous said...

so0o i went to your Myspace page and i LOVE your voice & deffinatley feelin your music!! Your lookin good in those pics to i have to say..Good Luck with everything<33

Anonymous said...

Yeah man visited your page... good voice and flow.. keep it up and you will do big things!!

Anonymous said...

i love you <3

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