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Serving Up The Freshest Kicks With 5 Star Service

Walking into Sneaker Bistro is a delicious experience. Food network is playing on the flat screen on the wall that is surrounded with many tasty little things called sneakers. We are not talking about just another sneaker store, we are talking about thee sneaker store. The entire concept of Sneaker Bistro, which is located on 112 in Patchogue, New York, is to serve up the freshest kicks that you won’t find in your mass produced sneaker store. From the hand painted graffiti on the wall to the smile you get from some of the coolest people a person could meet upon entering, this store is a breath of fresh air. A table is set up, which at first glace looks like two bowls of spaghetti, some wine glasses, and silver ware. However a closer look will reveal crisp cream and red laces looking good enough to eat. The entire theme of serving up sneakers is so elegantly presented that the creativity in undeniable. From the menu business cards to the culture that is in the atmosphere, I almost wish I could order a nice glass of red wine to go with my new five star sneakers.

With every great idea is the mind that was inspired to make that idea come to life. The owner of Sneaker Bistro, Joe "MR. BISTRO", is the true example of what it means to work hard for something you love. They say find something you would do for free and you will never work a day in your life. This concept hold so true for him. He worked as a crane operator for 12 years but always had a passion and was an avid collector of sneakers. One day he decided to follow that passion and start his own journey in being the supplier to feed sneaker heads appetites the same way his hunger needed to be fulfilled. His passion and knowledge of sneakers and the history they hold is undeniable. To the non sneaker head it’s almost walking into a world that at a glance may seem ordinary but the stories and history behind the sole make it so far from it. It amazed me on how much detail he knew and the facts rolled off his tongue so smooth that it was evident that this was not just another store owner, but a man who gave birth to a beautiful baby and intended to watch it grow with a reputation that surpasses the competition. Just like a father, he knew every detail there was to know and didn’t leave one shoe unturned. I also have to give praise to his team that he has working for him, they were nothing less than great to be around and when you walk in you just feel good. ONEWAY|2 had the opportunity to sit down with Joe and talk about this sneaker wonderland.

(above_Sneaker Bistro Store | left_latest post from their blog "Reebok Year Of The "OX" Omni-Lite Pump")

So who came up with the concept of Sneaker Bistro...
The idea came when I thought about how people look for places to eat. They want good food
and good quality and that is what I wanted to give but, with great sneakers.

Who did the graffiti on the wall…it looks great...

His name is Cycle…he is one of the best guys out there right

Every company has a mission…What’s yours...

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of sneakers like a person would know their fine wines.

There are a million sneaker stores in the world ….what makes you different...

It is a flooded industry however we are serving up the freshest kicks with 5 star service and
that what makes us different.

What brought you to this location...

I know a lot of people around here this is my hometown….I made a decision to destroy the fakes and put my hometown on the map.

Is there any other locations...

No, but you can go on the website.

Can people buy your sneakers online...

No, there is no online store….phone orders are an option, but I really do care about Long Island and want people around here to have the opportunity to get great shoes first.

I love the idea of bistro, what feedback have you gotten from the idea...

It’s funny because a little old lady walked in and asked to see a menu.

How is the recession hurting you...

I think that it is hurting everyone….we are just taking it one day at time…sneaker heads are going to continue to get sneakers .It might not be four of their favorites at one time, but take time to select what they really can’t live without.

So what about pricing...

I take trips out to SoHo and I’ll walk into a store see some of these shoes so over retail…its like come on I won’t even buy them….I am fair in what I do because I love sneakers too so I keep my prices at a fair rate and don’t just hike it up because I can.

So what more can we expect from sneaker bistro...

We are actually expanding in spring of 09 and its going be a bigger layout with the same great flavor.

Written by: Danielle Miller

Sneaker Bistro Info

Store Location: 580 Route 112 Suite 17 Patchogue, Ny 11772
Business Hours: Mon-Thurs 12-8 Fri & Sat 12-9 Sun 12-6
Phone: 631-730-7132 [Phone Orders Accepted On Selected Items]


Anonymous said...

Yea i've been there before that spot is hott! They have the hottest sneakers on the Island!!

Anonymous said...

Yea i'm going to def check out this place!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

shout out to the coolest store and my homie joe!! Long island we do this for you!!!!!!!

Jonas!!!! Peace!!!!

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