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Feb Cover | Marwa

Marwa (Queen of Egypt)
Stroudsburg, PA

How did it all begin…
Marwa was raised in a strict, Muslim environment. Among many other things, music was forbidden, but it was impossible to avoid. Upon hearing it for the first time, she fell in love with it. At every opportunity she received, music was playing in her ears. Artists like Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, and Mary J. Blige were what inspired her to spend many nights dreaming of singing. Music became a form of therapy for the young artist and she began writing songs at the age of nine. Growing up with an abusive father and such a strict religion, it was difficult to follow any dreams regarding the music industry. At age 14 became the battle of her lifetime…the fight for freedom. After running way, getting locked up, and struggling to make ends meet, she managed to form a stable enough environment to somewhat pursue her goals. Throughout her childhood, the only thing that kept the young artist alive was the dream of one day becoming a singer and songwriter. Today, she is pursuing her goal at full force. With over 100 songs written, a voice filled with soul and definition, and the drive of Muhammad Ali., she is more than an artist, she is a movement.
Whatever opportunity comes, whether through music or fashion, I take it and roll with it.

What were your influences…
I used to listen to a lot of Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, and Oldies like the Jackson Five and the Temptations.
What’s next for you…
You can expect more songs and more originality.


Anonymous said...

Nice Music:)

Anonymous said...

I like the cover design. And the person 'Marwa' is sexy! Good look!

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