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Hip Hop, Fusion, Techno, Electronic
New York City (All 5 Boros)

How did it all begin…
ANatural was born Joseph Boykin in Kings County hospital in Brooklyn and raised in Sethlow Projects better known as "The Ville". He had a real tough time growing up with his parents so he moved out of Sethlow Projects into Polo Grounds (Harlem) when he was 10 yr old. His grandmother took him in and raised him during his adolescence. After his grandmother passed away due to lung cancer, he was taken-in by his Great grandmother until he moved out at the age of 21. ANatural always had a love for writing. While watching Boot Camp and Wu Tang Klan perform at Sethlow Projects when he was 8 yrs old, ANatural was amazed at how an artist can move people with words and that sparked an interest to began writing. Because of his parents absence while growing up, ANatural got into constant fights and got kicked out of school. He did what he had to for survival and to help put food on the table. ANatural went back to school where he met Scott Man; a talented music teacher, who heard him rhyme and helped record his first track. Scott landed his first radio commercial while he was in high school. ANatural teamed up with CriticalChild Productions and went on to record many tracks in hope of a recording contract. They recorded at Bang Studio (N.Y); Squad Studio (N.Y) and Mystic Studio in (S.I.). He was later offered a publishing deal, which fell through due to bad management. He decided to move to New Jersey with friend and manager, Bim Star. They both had aspirations to be successful and put their talents together to start a clothing line, Aremu Premier Couture©. With the grind of working the regular 9 - 5 in order to help fund Aremu Premier Couture, ANatural got sick of just getting by. During this time Hip Hop was changing and he had some complaints regarding the way it was being portrayed. He felt that there was a lack of vision in Hip Hop music. His Manager, Bim Star said "Don't complain, do something about it". And that is what you should expect from ANatural. A musician who knows what “grind” means and a rapper who will show what vision can do for Hip Hop. Stay Tuned…

What were your influences…

I have many influences. From Jazz to Rock & from Electro to Pop. I have been blessed to be exposed to music from a very young age because my father was a DJ when I grew up and there always seem to be a party at my house. Right now I am digging the Lounge/Electronic movement that is called Cielo with resident DJs, Nicolas Matar & Willie Graff. I am also listening to a lot of 90s Hip Hop right now to.

What’s next for you…

Right now I am just putting out music and building my base up. I plan to drop an EP next year and a couple of mix tapes. I also am working with promoters to do shows across the country and internationally. In ’09, ya going to ask about me ya heard.

“Not Tryna Change the Game, Gonna Save It”


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Def feelin the sounds! Good-luck with all that you do.

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The City Never Sleeps


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Model: Jessica Rich Aka Rabbit From "Vh1's Real Chance of Love"
Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini

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