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Fashionista Rebels

Walking down the street is even more fun when you know who you are. Some people spend there entire lives walking past others and envying there being .The morning seems so calming, it's almost like all the evil has to turn its head just for a few hours until the sun bids its fare wells and then the party begins. For some this party never ends and when the night comes it is only the tip of the ice berg. The precedence is simply, their names are Night and Day. You see Night is the kind of girl who owns her shit. She knows it and so does everyone around her. She has a particular aura that surrounds her that makes one ask, who might that be?

Her dear friend Day, she is quite different. She holds a different vibe. She is a little more reserved and in some aspects can get lost in the shadows. Don't get me wrong she stands out of the crowd as well but what she holds is the ability to say so much without saying a word. Opposites attract I suppose because they are tighter than jeans fresh out of the dryer. Both of them were submerged in vibrant colors and spirit but the world doesn’t t know how to combine the light with the dark. From the outside they were punks, beautiful alluring punks, but on the inside they held something more. They themselves did not see that there friendship would be there greatest downfall because both were competing for the same crown.

There can only be one queen of this fashion world because a queen needs subjects. Young Night didn't know it but before her very eyes things would change. They wouldn’t change like minutes but more like seasons. Night recognized Day as a threat all along. She was waiting for the opportunity to just overcome her identity and make it her own. In a society where who you are is where you are, she needed to be on top. Given the fact that they were both on top one had to go. The very essence when they would walk into a room would stir up that kind of fascination conversation, the sort of conversation that only starts when something is worth noticing. Night stood under the no smoking sign of the club and lit her cig. With Day by her side she calmly suggests that’s not the best idea but at this point it didn’t matter because the spot light was on them.

Night loved Day but she also envied the mystery in her face. Night couldn’t help herself, she had no filter to her thoughts and often found herself in sticky situations because at times it was a turn off. The one thing they both had in common was Dusk. He was beautiful. He brought a presence that calmed and reminded you that the future was here and here to stay. He said the right things and he was so cool that it was undeniable. The problem with human nature is we constantly are wanting and often never satisfied. They shared him, neither one knowing the power in which he held to break apart love in the process of trying to find it. During the morning hours , he would take Day in his arms and remind her why she was so wonderful. He would kiss her finger tips and tell her they were his little rays of sunshine. However when the evening would come Night was there. He would take her and run away into a place many find unbearable. He would take her to a place where demons could hit them both and they would not be phased. They were in love: Day, Night ,Dusk. They were in love with one another. The problem was that together none of them existed but alone they couldn't survive. When Day and Night discovered they were both in love with Dusk, everything was forced to change.

To Be Continued...

Fashionista Rebels

Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini
Photographer: Melanie Washeim
Writer: Danielle Miller
Stylist & All Accessories: Albertini Addiction
Models: Ashley & Candaice
Dresses: Eminent Fash

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Photographer: Neef Fresh Photography (
Written By: Ashley Jagmohan
Model: Jessica Rich Aka Rabbit From "Vh1's Real Chance of Love"
Fashion Director: Tamara Albertini

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